Iain Dean


Played by​ Michael Stevenson

First Appearance:
14/04/2012 (S26 E33)

31/08/2013 (S28 E5)


Ex-corporal Iain dean initially joined the team at Holby in 2013 as a student paramedic. Prior to this, he worked alongside Sam Nicholls in the army stationed in Afghanistan. Although this is a big part of his life, Iain tries to leave the past in the past, and this is what has allowed him to progress as a paramedic.

Iain was only with the service for seven months before leaving to go travelling. He returned to the service October 2014 after Jeff’s death, by which time he was fully trained. Iain and Dixie worked closely together for just over a year until she departed at the beginning of 2016. Around this time, he entered a relationship with Rita although this ended in July when she got caught in her own web of lies.

More recently, Iain has reconnected with his younger sister who didn’t know he was even back from Afghanistan, let alone working in Holby. With support from Lily, Iain’s managing to cope with the situation, although it’s clear that there’s a spark between the two of them.

Previous Positions:

  • Student Paramedic (2013-14)

Family: Gemma Dean (sister)​