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Holby City E12 S21 Review:- A Simple Lie Part Two

We're back into the action at Holby right away tonight, Henrik and Serena are in his office discussing if they can think...

Holby City E11 S21 Review:- A Simple Lie Part One

We're at the hospital with a bang this week, the car park being the main hive of activity as we start the...

No Holby City tonight

Holby City has been cancelled tonight (March 12) due to Brexit News. Holby...

Holby City comes to UKTV

This year Holby City turned 20 years old. Holby City fans can watch from the very first episode!

Holby City S21 E10:- Powerless. CasualtyXHolby

For the second part of the two part crossover with Casualty, we start with Holby in darkness, the computer virus has shut...

Holby City release Spring Trailer

See what's in store this Spring on Holby City.

Holby City S21 E9 Review:- Guts

It's quite the dramatic start to things this week as a group of protesters complete with banners...

Holby City S21 E8 Review:- Never Say Never

A mysterious woman that Nicky is talking to in the locker room is our starting point this week, the F2 speaking to...

Holby City and Casualty to air special crossover episodes

Holby City and Casualty to air special crossover episodes

Holby City S21 E7 Review:- Good Side

Ange starts this episode off by having a nightmare as she's asleep on her arms in Keller's staff room, is this...

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