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Holby City E12 S21 Review:- A Simple Lie Part Two

We're back into the action at Holby right away tonight, Henrik and Serena are in his office discussing if they can think...

Holby City S21 E10:- Powerless. CasualtyXHolby

For the second part of the two part crossover with Casualty, we start with Holby in darkness, the computer virus has shut...

Holby City’s Xavier Duval makes guest crossover to Casualty

Holby City character Xavier 'Zav' Duval played by Marcus Griffiths, is set to make a guest crossover to sister show CASUALTY. Dr Duval made his...

Xavier ‘Zav’ Duval

Xavier 'Zav' Duval played by Marcus Griffiths.

Marcus Griffiths

Marcus Griffiths played Xavier Duval in Holby City.

Marcus Griffiths joins Holby cast

Marcus Griffiths joins the cast of Holby City, as shown in the new Winter Trailer (December 12) playing Dr Duval. Marcus was seen in the...

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